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You will find them helpful in coaching, training and consulting.

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BRAND ARCHETYPES cards are a universal tool and can be used in many areas, such as:

  building a personal brand,
  career coaching,
  personal development,
  branding of products and services,
  team building,
  employer branding,
  novel and screenwriting,
  and many others…

You will find them helpful in coaching, training and consulting.
Archetypes, first introduced by Carl Gustav Jung and popularized by M. Mark and C. S. Pearson, found their way to marketing where they are used for designing a brand and defining its role in a consumer’s life.

In coaching and personal development, archetypes help us reflect on our role in life, as well as personal and social identity, and thus design a coherent development plan. Archetypes are an important element of building a personal brand for entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers, but also for each and every one of us.

The basic set includes:

  13 cards in the format 8x15cm,
  a felt case
  a mini manual consisting 8 pages/ 4 cards.

If as a coach you mostly work 1-on-1, you need one, maximum two, decks of cards. If you work with a group, you need as many decks as there are participants in your workshops.
Each set includes a mini manual, which is packed with inspirations on how to use the cards while working with your clients.
For downloadable WORKSHEETS in A4 format, please visit There you will also find a description of how they can be used.
All cards have been illustrated with the hand drawings by Gabrieli Borowczyk.